Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looking for allergy suggestions and more Q+A

I hope everyone is ok from the storm.  I was going to post this last week, but the storm happened, and we had no power or internet for some time.  All is ok now and pretty much back to normal.

Allison has been so understanding and helpful with my allergies.  Most other people I have dated ranged from tolerating it to getting annoyed or mad at me about them.  Allison bends over backwards to do all she can to be helpful.  I feel kinda bad that she is doing so much for me.

One of her favorite things in the world is flowers, and when we started dating she got rid of all of them and never got any more.  All she has now is some pictures of flowers.  I feel like I want to help her out a bit and have her able to have some flowers again.  I always say that I am allergic to all flowers, but thats not exactly true.  I have had allergic reactions to flowers I have come in contact to in the past, and I just assumed I am allergic to all types just to make things easy if people ask.  I figure there must be a few flowers I am not allergic to, and I'd like to be able to let Allison enjoy something she really likes.

What I want to do is see if there are any kinds of flowers I am not allergic to.  I want to wait til Jan or so to try it out, when I have the least number of things bothering my nose.  The best idea I could come up with is to have a flower near me and have a fan making a slight breeze and seeing if I start to have a reaction.  I think thats the closest to how I would be exposed to a flower that is in a place I am in.  I would usually avoid sniffing a flower or brushing myself against one so I dont want to test it that way.

I want a few opinions on this.  Is this a silly idea, or would it work ok?  Would there be a better way to do it?  Thank you for any ideas.

 And here is a bit more of Q+A

Q: You said 'we' when you talked about precautions you take at home....does this mean you have roommates? Is it hard to get them to understand/help your allergies?
A:  I mainly stay with Allison at her place so she is the one I was talking about.  I have had roomies during my life that kind of run the whole range.  Some understood pretty well, some didn't care much to understand, some were just clueless, and some would try to understand but just not get it.  Luckily I usually had ones that were understanding to some level, or at least tried.  The hardest one to deal with though was one who was trying to be nice and understanding but just really failing at it.  Made it hard for me to say anything to her because she was trying so hard.

Like I always say, keep the questions coming.  It gives me ideas on what to write about!


  1. The flower experiment sounds risky but it's very sweet of you to want to do that for her! Maybe try tea roses that are still in tight-bud form (and make sure to get kinds that aren't too fragrant). If the smell of hydrangeas doesn't bother you, they can be good since they have very little pollen. She could also get lilies from a florist with their stamens removed so there is no pollen, but again, you have to be careful cause some can still be very fragrant and cause problems!

    There's always silk flowers too! They make really great ones that look real. You just have to be careful about dust, as they attract that easily, but if you keep them clean, they can be lovely! There's lots of fun tutorials online too to make flowers out of tissue paper, etc that are not only pretty but allergy friendly :)

    Two more Q&A questions...
    Out of all the things that you're allergic to, is there one allergen you react most severely to?
    How do you deal with air travel? Are you allergic to perfumes/scents and has that caused issues in public transit?

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! Scents tend to bother me too, so I'll be careful with that. I don't know if tissue paper ones would look real enough, but its a good thing to look into. Both of us are allergic to dust, so silk ones might not be an option.

      I will probably make another post tonight or within the next few days, so I will answer your questions then. Thanks for being one of the few who actually ask them :)

    2. Any success with the flowers? How's your holiday season going?

    3. I'm not going to try that til Jan sometime. Holidays are ok, not much time for them yet though, lol. Sorry its been so long between posts. I plan on making a new post now.